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35+ years of exceeding clients expectations, with customized CPA tax services tailored to your needss

We provide the best in town CPA Tax Services that capitalizes income.
The Best CPA tax Services helping you in all your tax-related problems.
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We prefer partnering with the clientele that values customized and tailored CPA Tax Services.

We are a boutique firm, instead of being “everything to everybody” - This enables us to serve and build relationships with shared visions

We are the pioneers for innovative and contemporary professional CPA tax advisors

The Most Reputable CPA Tax Services

Over the last 35 years BottomLine

has rightfully developed a reputation for offering custom CPA tax solution services for the diverse requirements of an extensive range of clientele - Along with educating them and providing the needed tools, required to successfully maneuver through the potential challenges and opportunities that they might come across.

Below are some of the best CPA tax services that you can find in the United States:


Tax Overviews for “New” Clients

A Tax Overview is designed to provide an opportunity for organizations ranging in size from start-ups to large multinational corporations.

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Strategic Tax Planning Ideas

As federal, state, and local governments look to increase their own tax revenues, taxpayers must be even more proactive to avoid substantial.

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Tax Preparation and Compliance

The evolving cannabis industry offers exceptional opportunities for growth; however, cannabis businesses also face complex and challenging issue.

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Audit Defense Planning, Support, Representation and Resolution

Do you want automated payroll solutions, to be able to run your payroll anywhere, anytime? Do you want complete payroll solutions at competitive prices?

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Organizational Structure Evaluation

BottomLine offers our clients complete services by assisting them to manage the state and local tax affairs, in addition to providing tax consulting.

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Tax Incentives and Credits

Bottom Line with the added support of a proven network of tax advisors provides proactive solutions to international opportunities Our tax professionals

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Tax Law Changes

Tax planning and preparation form a winning combination for our successful individual and business clients. Our tax professionals prepare income

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Accounting for Income Tax

BottomLine will defend your interests in a possible federal or state audit or in responding to various audit letters. We regularly represent

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International Tax

Choosing the form of entity of your business (e.g., "S" corporation, sole proprietor, limited liability company…) is a crucial decision that

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Sales and Use Tax

Depending on your needs, this service may include the review of the potential for tax credits including possible refund opportunities for prior

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Payroll Tax

Changes in tax laws make keeping one’s income as great a challenge as making it. At Bottom Line, we provide our clients with unsurpassed guidance

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Estate and Trust Tax

Bottom Line provides a full range of cost-effective tax accounting services including tax provision preparation, implementing FIN 48 and the new

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Estate and Trust Tax

Bottom Line provides a full range of cost-effective tax accounting services including tax provision preparation, implementing FIN 48 and the new

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Why Choose Bottomline-Tax As Your CPA Tax Services?

With an objective to support you with the management and reduction of your taxes - We have devised a distinct step-by-step, 12-month platform that is designed to streamline your tax affairs with our extraordinary CPA tax services; along with offering advice, knowledge, and guidance, as well as personalized attention.

The BottomLine CPA tax preparation services are based on multiple unique stages, which are:

- The Discovery Stage:

At this stage, our team gathers the data and sets goals to achieve the mission.

- The Planning Stage:

At this stage, we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of every entity to help you understand what is best for your business. 

- The Implementation Stage:

Our team works to execute tax reduction strategies by developing a long-term plan that meets every client's individual needs.

- Ongoing Management:

We ensure that every detail is communicated frequently at regular intervals, to not miss out on any details that enable better decision making.

We Win When You Succeed

BottomLine's professional CPA tax advisors strive for the success of our clients - We display the value of our clients in our exceptional solutions and the extraordinarily offered client experience; while we guarantee our services to be accurate, timely, helpful, and result oriented.

Here are a few success stories of our satisfied clients:

There’s More...

Once partnered, BottomLine will work tirelessly with all the conviction to make sure that all your financial objectives and desires are fulfilled and appropriately managed - Bundled with the support to devise a winning plan for today and a secure tomorrow.


Here’s how our CPA tax services can help you:


  •         Providing a customized strategy that is aligned with your objectives
  •         Maximizing tax savings, while also bringing stability to the financial needs of your family
  •         Analyzing your estate liquidity
  •         Evaluating charitable gifting options and techniques
  •         Assessing retirement strategies
  •         Deciding the timing of distributions from IRAs, 401(k) plans or other qualified plans
  •         Trust decanting
  •         Intra-family loans
  •         Using multiple trust strategies

Schedule a Meeting/Consultation

You can schedule a free consultation or a meeting, in order to learn more about us and witness firsthand, how our partnership can be immensely beneficial for you; enabling you to find a solution for your tax struggles, discuss and develop tax strategies, along with getting tax-related information and advices - all to empower you with a better decision-making ability.