A Tax Overview is designed to provide an opportunity for organizations ranging in size from start-ups to large multinational corporations as well as individuals to meet BottomLine and to learn more about our firm and service offerings. In addition, this tax overview services provides an opportunity to discuss various business operations and financial matters from the prospective of identifying more proactive tax ideas and services.

The Tax Overview is a comprehensive study of the tax aspects of every taxpayer. It is designed to tell you what your current tax situation is and to provide you with observations and recommendations for enhancing your tax posture.

The Tax Overview begins with a review of recent tax returns, financial statements, and other relevant documents. Our tax professionals will conduct meetings with you and other key executives to discuss and gain an understanding of your business operations and other financial matters. We will also discuss your present tax policies, the company’s goals, and its strategies for reaching those goals. From these meetings, and document review, BottomLine will prepare a comprehensive report of observations and recommendations.

You may choose to implement some, or all, of the recommendations contained in our Tax Overview. Please call us to begin discussing some areas of significant

tax planning opportunities. We believe a Tax Overview is clearly suited as a means of identifying a broad range of tax planning ideas for you.