Fees for Services Rendered:

Once BottomLine is hired by you … we will prepare an engagement letter describing the services to be delivered, the terms and conditions, the deadline or deadlines, and fees. See our terms and conditions.

Services performed on ”retainer or “fixed” fee arrangement:

  • Retainer fee is applied at our standard hourly rates depending on the professional staff assigned. Currently, our standard hourly rates range from $100 per hour for staff accountants to $275 per hour for principals/CPAs. If our fees based on hourly rates exceed the original retainer arrangement, additional retainers will be required.
  • Fixed fee is based on our fee estimate and expected timing of the work. We will prepare an initial invoice for one-half of our fees upon the commencement of our work and a final invoice for the balance will be submitted at the completion of our as work.

Our fixed fee arrangement provides one-pricing, as opposed to sometimes endless hourly rates, and offers you access to our accumulated knowledge and experience that will help achieve your objectives.

Service and Fees Guarantees!

Our work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction and if you are not completely satisfied with our services performed, we will adjust our fees to reflect the level of value received.

For Introduction Meeting:

  • Up to 15 minutes / Complementary – No Fees.
  • Obtain understanding about us, services we provide, fee quotes, etc. How might we work together in the future?
  • Next step – when ready to discuss specific tax topics and detailed services, schedule Initial Meeting.

Fees for Initial Meeting:

  • Up to 1hour / $150 (Minimum).
  • Amount paid for initial meeting will be deducted from first invoice for services rendered.