We Offer a Wide Range of Tax Solutions to Help You Keep More of Your Money. You Earned It. We’ll Help You KEEP It!

BottomLine has been Serving diverse tax needs of Clients know us for more than 35 years and prepares clients to navigate successfully through the opportunities and challenges they face in the years ahead.  We deliver tax solution services in the following tax areas

  • Income Tax
  • Estate and Trust Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • International Tax
  • Accounting for Income Tax
  • Tax Controversies

Comprised of professional staff with “Big Four” certified public accounting and leading multinational private industry experience, BottomLine staff is devoted to excellence in providing tax solutions, services, and advice.  

BottomLine is Different from other firms:

  • We work with clients who value customized and   tailored services
  • We are not “everything to everybody” … not  being  overloaded and maintain being a boutique  firm - allows  us to work with clients sharing our   vision.
  • We share our vision by introducing new and innovative   tax solutions … doing our best work.







BottomLine uses a unique, step-by-step, 12-month platform that simplifies your tax affairs and provides the best advice, personal attention, guidance, and knowledge to help you manage and minimize your taxes.

The BottomLine platform has multiple distinct stages which include:

  • The Discovery Stage – Gathering data and setting goals – Minimizing taxes, saving for retirement, selling your business, asset protection, business succession, building your estate, etc. 
  • The Planning Stage – Building models 
  • The Implementation Stage – Executing tax reduction and other recommendations
  • Ongoing Management – Communicating frequently on details and changes
  • Newsletters and Advisories – Receiving timely relevant information

BottomLine clients come to know us for our:

  • Reliability … For what we say we you are going to do and be on time about it. 
  • Accessibility … Be there when you need us.
  • Impact …  Provide the most helpful services translating to your success.
  • Importance … Make you feel like a client, important to our team.
  • Prudence … Be careful before we suggest a course of action.
  • Listening … Understand your business so we can come up with relevant Ideas.
  • Teaching … Help you understand what’s new so you can apply that knowledge,
  • Relationship management … Pleasant and work with you through communications. 

Our years of diversified training and experience, combined with our controlled overhead, gives clients the quality solutions at more reasonable rates than found at other firms.  From large national enterprises to public institutions, closely held locally based companies, and high net worth individual clients (including estates and trusts), BottomLine services a wide range of local and national clients from our office locations in the New York and south Florida metropolitan areas.